Stainless Chimney Kits and Stove Pipe
We Prefer to Use & Sell Dura-Vent brand Chimney. Simpson Duravent is leading the industry with their state of the art material and components. Easy to install whether you are a first timer or seasoned Technician. In most installation configurations we recommend the DOUBLE WALL, INSULATED, STAINLESS STEEL CHIMNEY KIT.
Now sold in 5 Foot Sections and less. 
*This system has a high grade 430 Stainless Steel interior liner (25% thicker than competitors) with a memory for heating and cooling ( expansion and retraction) 
*Free floating liners, so there are no breaking of seams if it overheats
*A lightweight blanket insulation, so there is no settling of material which means no "Hot Spots" and cheaper to ship due to the lighter weight.
*430 Stainless Steel Exterior on the chimney with a mirror finish. This chimney has only a 2" clearance to combustibles so it can have a wooden chase around the chimney for a built in look. 
​Available in 5" to 12" diameters
For more info call us or go to the DURAVENT Web Site.

304 Stainless Steel Flex Coils sold in 15, 25 and 35 foot lengths for using with wood, coal, and oil burning units. Used to pass up through existing chimney.. Our local county code calls for all wood burning inserts to have a "Direct Connection"/Reline. It does make cleaning the stoves easier. Also there is less creosote and it's friendlier (meaning more removable and non flammable) less 
* Don't forget to order all your components with your Liner Like: Cap, Storm Collar, Top plate, Locking collar, Stove connector and we like coming thru the top plate with an 18" piece if ridged pipe(Stainless Steel) to attach the cap to.
* Some type of insulation is recommended near the top as far down as you can get it to help keep the flue gasses warmer, which means friendlier creosote. You can use fiberglass insulation.
Click here for pellet venting information
Pellet /Corn venting pipe and components sold in black or unpainted
Available in flex kits or ridged sections
Dura Black Single Wall Interior Stove Pipe is a High Quality, Welded Seam Stove pipe. Available in 4 Foot lengths and shorter. Most people do not use this particular pipe due to the price. Usually we sell Gray Metal Brand Interior Black Stove Pipe. Is has the snap together seam that you find in most stores Although we have 7" Diameter and 3' Lengths of the grey metal with all types of reducers and increasing fittings/Connectors that are hard to find anywhere else. Maximum length in this type is the 3 foot sections 
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