Our company is your best source for professional Service. Our Certified (NCG) technicians use the latest cleaning equipment and have years of experience. 
-There is NO MESS
- Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned annually

-You should allow 2 hours for the service

-We do need inside the home where the chimney terminates

-Please have the area cleared of any obstructions or valuables within 6' of the unit or fireplace for the servicing of your chimney. Thanks !!!!

-Our service trucks cover northeast Ohio, mainly in Wayne and surrounding Counties
-Fully Bonded & Insured

 Wood burning fireplace insert installations now require a stainless steel liner by code.
This is a stainless steel connection from the top of the stove up through the chimney.

***We do a free chimney cleaning (at the time of the installation)   on the chimney that we are installing a product into that was bought here

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Chimney Cleaning